Back-To-School Reading

ATYP Titles School starts soon! Are you ready? We stay in contact with our area schools and programs to make sure we have required summer reading titles in stock. But, of course, you’re welcome to snag a Steinbeck or a Bronte even if you’re not going to get tested on it.

New in Sci-Fi: John Scalzi’s Lock In

Lock In ScalziIn the near-future, a virus rocks the world, causing one percent of the population to become “locked in,” awake and aware but unable to move.  Twenty-five years later, rookie FBI agent Chris Shane, using a robotic body, or “threep,” investigates a murder at the Watergate Hotel which may or may not involve another of the “locked in” and leads across the country and into the virtual world.

Scalzi takes an imaginative sci-fi premise and explores how society might react. His trademark humor and clever dialog make this police procedural/political thriller sparkle.

(Also, check out John Scalzi on Twitter for a laugh or three.)

Deathly Passions Book Club


For lovers of mystery. This group meets every second Tuesday of the month. Any book by the scheduled author is welcomed for discussion. 2014 Schedule of Upcoming Readings June 10: Wendy Hornsby July 8: Stephanie Bond August 12: Spencer … [Continue reading]

September 11: Author Mimi Lipson

Mimi Lipson

Thursday, September 11 6:30 PM @ Parkview Join us for a reading and craft talk with Mimi Lipson, whose debut collection of short stories The Cloud of Unknowing was released earlier this year. Mimi is the cousin of our very own Bonnie Jo Campbell, … [Continue reading]

September 13: Jim Hines & Tobias Buckell


Saturday, September 13 2 PM at Parkview Join us to welcome back NYT Bestselling author Tobias Buckell and Hugo Award Winning author Jim C. Hines! Tobias will read from and sign his new novel, Hurricane Fever (the sequel to Arctic Rising) and … [Continue reading]