Reading Together 2015: The Living Great Lakes

The Living Great LakesThe 2015 Reading Together selection is The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas by award-winning Michigan author Jerry Dennis.

“[This book is] very much an adventure story.” Check out this interview with Jerry Dennis on WMUK.

From KPL’s website: “The purpose of Reading Together is to build a stronger community with deeper connections through the common experience of reading the same book and exploring its themes together. When we do that, we engage and learn, not only about ourselves, but more importantly about each other and the world around us. … Very simply, when we read together, we grow together.”

Well, then! Let’s discover, explore, and share our Great Lakes history together. More information on the book and its author here.

The Living Great LakesThe Living Great Lakes by Jerry Dennis

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Featured: Children’s Titles by Local Authors


Ladies' LibraryThe Missing Gargoyle of the Ladies’ Library
By Lois Richmond

Beautifully illustrated by Denise Lisiecki and highlights Kalamazoo’s Ladies’ Library Association building. This lovely account of the lone gargoyle on a familiar Kalamazoo landmark is a delightful story for all ages.

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Sweet Buzzard LoveVinnie & Violet…Sweet Buzzard Love
By E.H. VanDenBerg

Can Turkey Vultures fall in love? Do they have hopes and dreams? Can they help the planet? Vinnie and Violet comes with an audio CD with narration by the author, and the toe-tapping, rollicking song, “Sweet Buzzard Love.”

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Hunter's QuestHunter’s Quest
By Mara Mae

After moving to Michigan, Hunter turns to the comfort of sandy beaches and sailing ships on the shores of Lake Michigan. Hunter’s Grandpa helps ease the stress of Hunter’s “big move” and reaches out to Chance, the local bully. Impatient to find new friends, Hunter grows tired of Kalamazoo until a promising change brings songs of friendship, hope, and laughter. Take the trek with Hunter and see what you discover!

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Afterwords: 5th Annual Author Hop

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